This website provides information on franchising.

Franchising is a unique form of business requiring an interdependent relationship between franchisor and franchisee. From the beginning of modern business format franchising with Singer sewing machines back in 1851, practices have developed which work in practice and with our specialist knowledge and experience, we can take these ingredients and turn them into a successful franchise system.

Getting it right from the very start is key and Aldhere have the ability and experience to do this.

Why do you need
specialist advice?

Franchising works through the duplication of an already successful business model. It is governed by the franchise agreement and operated in accordance with the franchise operations manuals. If there is any weakness or error in your franchise system, it could be duplicated across your network. This could potentially result in franchisees taking advantage of the situation, even destroying the business.

Prospective franchisors should take specialist franchise advice from the very beginning to ensure the development of a professional franchise based on good practice gained through experience. This will protect your and your business from building in mistakes that could be very costly.



Choosing the right advisors.

There are many franchise consultants to choose from. When choosing a firm of franchise consultants to work with, you should look for the following:

  • Long and extensive personal experience in franchising with a variety of companies
  • A good track record in developing franchise businesses
  • Affiliate membership of the British Franchise Association (bfa)
  • A track record in providing franchise consultancy across a broad spectrum of business types
  • Relevant academic qualifications
  • A back-up team which can provide additional sector expertise as required
  • Independence from suppliers, media, etc. so we can provide truly independent advice.

Aldhere meets the above criteria and you can trust us to help you, through franchising, to achieve your growth, profitability and value goals.